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Day Camp II

Our second week of Day Camp here at HPC started off with a bang!  We had lots of kiddos this session, from beginners who hadn’t ridden a horse before to slightly more intermediate students. Between crafting and games, scavenger hunts and riding horses [and don’t forget popsicles to cool off in the Texas heat], this week was packed full of fun stuff.

The kids enjoyed riding, and those who were off lead-line practiced steering around the rail, posting, and the two-point position.  Crafting and games were always a hit, especially since Miss Renee comes up with the neatest crafts and the best games ever.  We even got to paint a pony at the end of the week!  [Washable paint, of course.]

Day camp is always a blast, and a great opportunity for kids to grow in their love for horses.


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