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Sleep-Away Camp I

By far the most popular thing during the summer for these girls… Sleep-Away camp is the highlight of the year!  They cannot stop talking about it throughout the school semester, and when it comes time to pack up their tack and get ready to head to camp, they cannot contain their excitement.  The tackroom becomes one giggling and laughing jumble of boots, saddles, bridles, helmets, and excited girls who are trying to put all their stuff in one place.

We are very fortunate to utilize a gorgeous facility in Bellville, TX, where the girls can ride and swim and play games to their hearts’ content.  Complete with an outdoor waterfall, the pool is nothing short of an oasis, and the barn and large indoor arena is perfect for any and all riding.  The girls even got to take a trip to Pine Hill and school on the cross country course.

Horse camp summers are the best kind of summer: where you can jump on your pony and ride off with your best friend, laugh and swim until you’re tired, and the memories you create will make you even more eager for next year.


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