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Pine Hill Results, 9/30

What a smashing day at Pine Hill!  Horses and kiddos all did well, and had a great experience at the GHCTA Schooling Horse Trial.  Many, many thanks to trainers Amanda Merritt and Paige Luplow for making this possible.

Congratulations to Shelby Owen who placed third in her first event with Luna, showing good sportsmanship by showing a horse she’d never ridden before due to her own pony, Bright, having been too sore.  So proud of how well they both did!  Well done to Lucy and her pony Hopper, who placed first in their event, and to Katja and her horse Chip who placed second in their combined test.  All three girls did wonderfully and we are so proud of them.

A big thank you to instructor Sam Rahal, who helped and supported the girls throughout the show, and well done on her own first place finish!

Thank you to Marike Owen for taking pictures of the girls, and to Medora Boone for moral support.

If your student is interested in showing, please see theShow Schedule Fall ’18 to see which show is suitable for you.

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