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Winter Wonderland H/J Show

Beautiful sunny weather!  Gorgeous weekend for a horse show, and our girls delivered.  So much fun was had at Haras this weekend, and both girls and ponies did so well.

For the Saturday divisions, Maggie and Shelby both got a Reserve Champion on their mounts: Ginger and Jane Austen!  Delaney received first on Miss Piggie in the flat class.  Chloe rode Dolly, Darya rode Isla, and Annabel rode Luna—and rode those ponies amazingly well.  All three girls went home with ribbons, which is super exciting!

For Sunday divisions in the 2ft classes, Shelby rode May (her first time showing May), Katja rode Chip, and Maggie showed Faith.  Everybody took home a ribbon!  And Maggie even went home with Reserve Champion.

We love going to shows, and our students love showing.  Horse Shows weekends are the best kinds of weekends.  So proud of each and every one of our students.

If you’re interested in showing, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

*special thanks to Marike Owen for the photos.



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