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Riding Disciplines


English Riding Lessons

Our English riding lessons are rooted in classic equitation and the idea of developing a balanced, correct seat with effective riding aids.  Students and parents can track their progress with the our learning levels program.  Our goal is to create balanced riders who have the ability to venture into any discipline and reach their goals through a strong foundation.




Western Riding Lessons

We offer western riding lessons with an emphasis on balance and communication between horse and rider. We emphasize proper technique in both arena and trail settings. Students who have mastered the basics of western riding progress to learn western reining maneuvers as well as practice on trail obstacles.




Polo Lessons

We offer polo riding lessons for students that might be interested in venturing into the sport of polo, as well as stick & ball lessons for established riders/players.  Polo riding lessons combine the steering of western lessons and the position and saddle of English lessons.  Students will learn how to properly position themselves across all three gaits and eventually address the ball.  Once students are ready to pursue the sport, we can guide them into the next steps of competition.




Vaulting Lessons

​We are so pleased to announce that FPRL is now offering Equestrian Vaulting.  Group lessons are on Sunday afternoons, approx. 2:00-3:30pm (depending on number of vaulters).  If your rider is interested in group lessons, but cannot make Sunday afternoons, please contact Paige Luplow with your availability.  We also offer private instruction, if you would prefer a one-on-one approach.

Vaulting has many benefits; in addition to being a creative way to encourage freedom between rider and horse, it strengthens the core, leg, and arm muscles.  It develops the balance needed for the vaulter to hold positions on the back of the horse as it is moving, while at the same time building confidence and ability.  The balance that vaulting helps develop is essential to any rider in any discipline.

If you would like to learn more about safety in vaulting  (documented safest of equestrian sports), the benefits of taking vaulting lessons, and the non-use of helmets in this sport, please see American Vaulting Association website, or contact Reagan Dyer.VAULT_12



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