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Learning Levels

Our sets of progressive Learning Levels help set specific goals to help our youth students track their riding and horsemanship achievements.  Please ask your instructor for your own discipline-specific level handout when you come from your riding lesson. Below is a basic description of our learning levels. We offer more discipline-specific details in our student handouts.


Rainbow Level:

This level is for students from the ages of 5 to 7 who can not yet ride or care for their pony independently. Rainbow level students get assistance from the instructor hands on for their full 30 minute private lesson.


Red Level:

The Red Level is for students coming off the lung line in Rainbow Level and beginning to steer on their own. Riders are becoming more independent, but may still not be able to do the more difficult tasks of putting on the bridle or tightening their girths by themselves.


Yellow Level:

The Yellow Level is for students who are now safe enough around horses to be able to tack and groom almost completely independently.  Students are starting to become comfortable at the trot without an instructor holding on to their horse.


Green Level:

The Green Level is when riders develop their own independent balance at all three main gaits. Students are starting to dive deeper into the techniques of riding and specific disciplines of riding.


Blue Level:

The Blue Level is for students who are now their own independent horse-persons. Now that the student is knowledgeable in all gaits, lessons and practice rides are spent perfecting techniques and equitation at each gait.


Orange Level:

The Orange Level is for students who are now adding the fourth gait of a gallop to their riding. They are also learning how to horse keep in preparation to one day having their own horse.


Purple Level:

The Purple Level is for students who are learning how to manage horses and become amateur horse-persons. Students are learning beginner technique in dressage to make the horse respond to hand and leg aid.


Teal Level:

The Teal Level is the last of the lesson levels. Even though Teal is the last level, when students make it to this level it does not mean they are the perfect rider. Riders at the Teal Level have understanding for techniques in all disciplines and work to perfect whatever discipline they choose.

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