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We offer half- and full-lease on many of our wonderful horses and ponies for students who have accomplished green level and above.  We can accommodate mounts for lease in a variety of disciplines, including polo.

Half-lease provides our students with two group lessons and one practice day per week, and are offered either Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday or Wednesday/Friday/Sunday.  Half-leasers are responsible for half of the farrier/vet/supplement costs for their leased horse.

Full-lease provides our students with access to the horse 6 days per week (including two group lessons weekly).  Full-leasers are responsible for all vet/farrier/supplement costs during their lease time.

Lease fees are due on the first of each month.  Practice rides during the weekends are scheduled during the afternoon unless otherwise cleared with us.

Please let us know if you’re interested in leasing one of our wonderful mounts.

Lease fees are as follows and include two group lessons per week for riding leases and one group lesson per week for polo half-lease:

Riding Lease:




Polo Lease:


Please see our LEASE RULES/DETAILS for complete list of fees and information regarding leasing.


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