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Pricing and Payments

Riding Lessons (any discipline):

$50 for 1/2 hour private*

$100 for 1 hour private

$80 for 1 hour group

$60 for 1 hour practice ride (Not a lesson, instructor approval required)

Premium Lesson Pricing (Choice of preferred horse)

$100 for 1 hour group

$120 for 1 hour private

$80 for 1 hour practice ride

Horse Owners:

$80 for 1 hour private

$60 for 1 hour group

Polo Lessons:

$125 for 1 hour private

$100 for 1 hour group

We offer a discounted lesson packages on occasion. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay in touch with our monthly specials!

*1/2 hour private lessons are available to our young riders (5-7 years old) just beginning their riding careers and to our owner/leaser clients. Owner/Leasers must independently tack and warm-up their horse prior to the lesson and independently untack their horse after the lesson. This is an intense 30 minute lesson meant to allow student and trainer to work one-on-one on a particular skill or issue.

Payment for lessons will be due at the time of booking the lesson OR can be pre-paid. Lessons that are not used within the month for which they are purchased (cancelled due to weather or following the the cancellation policy) expire after three months.

We accept cash, check, credit cards, cash app, paypal, and Venmo. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS OUT TO FLANDERS POLO & RIDING LESSONS LLC OR “FPRL”.

Credit Card, cash app, and paypal payments are subject to a 4% fee.

Membership Policy:

Houston Polo Club requires, after your second introductory lesson, that you become a riding member of the facility. The individual riding membership cost is $2,165.00 per year (can be billed monthly) and the family cost is $2,783.11 per year.  HPC will pro-rate that number to reflect the month in which your membership started and they can bill you monthly to your credit card.

Riding memberships are not required if you are involved in a polo program or have a boarding membership with Houston Polo Club.

Membership Application

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