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FPRL offers two popular summer camp options: Day Camp and Sleep-Away Camp.

Our day camps are open to all kiddos, both experienced and new students.  For new riders, day camp can be a great way to determine if they might be ready for or interested in starting regular lessons.  For our more intermediate students, day camp is an opportunity to spend time at the barn, gain responsibility in guiding younger ones, and have fun learning new things such as simple equine medicine and advanced grooming.

Our sleep-away camp is better suited for regular lesson students that are WT level (minimum) and above in their lessons. During sleep-away camp, campers focus on all of the aspects of horsemanship. It takes riding to a new level!

Please see the individual links in the drop down menu at the top for more detailed information, including camp dates and pricing.

Below are camp details/sign-up forms:

Day Camp Details   

Sleep Away Camp Details


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