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Welcome to Flanders Polo and Riding Lessons! We are so glad you’re here.

Family-founded, Flanders Polo and Riding Lessons isĀ built on the desire to inspire, educate, and equip riders of all ages with strong horsemanship skills in various disciplines, imparting a love of riding that lasts a lifetime.

At FPRL, we encourage, instruct, and instill a sense of responsibility that encompasses every aspect of horsemanship, which gives our students the opportunity to grow and learn in a secure environment.

We offer horseback riding lessons in three disciplines, training at horse shows, lease opportunities, purchasing and sales help, as well as exercise and training regimens for our client horses.

You can find information regarding horseback riding lessons, summer camps, news and events, club information, and much more here on our website.

Please contact us with any questions or interest regarding our riding program, or if you would like to schedule a lesson.

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